Joel’s Mug

This is my brother’s mug. He used it every day at work. Until a year ago. Now it sits on my nightstand. The drops of coffee that have dried on the rim seem recent. It makes him seem close. What will those drops look like in another year? Will they… Read More

Direct Trade – Costa Rica, Dota

The term “Direct trade” is thrown around quite a bit in the coffee world but doesn’t speak very specifically about the relationship between roaster and source. We’d like to share the story of how we connected with Dota so you can continue on this journey with us. This photo was… Read More

The Last Phone Call

I had received several missed calls and voicemails from Joel, unusual but not unheard of. He was good about calling to check up on our life here in Florida. I wish I had been just as good about checking up on him. I remember preparing myself to call him back. Read More

Mountaineer Coffee Is Getting A New Home

This journey has been a whirlwind. When I think back on the last 4 years it doesn’t seem possible. Daniel and I were engaged and planning for the future, then BAM. We started working for a friend, got married, he handed the business over to us, we got… Read More

cold brew iced coffee recipe

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee (at Home)

Have you ever made iced coffee at home? I used to a very long time ago. I’ll spare you the details because it’s shameful and involves returning to a sad little pot of coffee after it was neglected for several hours. Yuck. However, I’ve discovered the magic of cold brewing… Read More

Suicide awareness

Shame, Sympathy, and the “S” Word

Suicide. Suicide, suicide, suicide. Maybe if I say it enough it will start to sound ridiculous instead of scary. Like when you say any word over and over. Most words start to sound funny. But not this word. The truth is I don’t even know if I’ve said it out… Read More

Surviving the Holidays

I love the Holidays. Fall and Winter are my two favorite seasons, consecutively. However, in Florida, there are only two seasons. The first contains slightly fall-ish temperatures mixed with random 90 degree days and a few chill-you-to-the-bone damp, cold mornings. The second, beginning with a mass exodus of… Read More

A Lesson on Living

If you’ve been keeping up with our journey, you know that I’m healing from a major loss. But it’s not just me who is grieving. My entire family, friends, church family, and even people I don’t know that were friends of my brother. So I’m… Read More

Why small batch roasted coffee is better for all of us

Let’s talk about small batch roasting. It’s fantastic. It makes a difference. It matters. But the best part? There’s lots of best parts. Not just because as a small batch roaster we’re able to live our dream. You get to be part of our dream. And we like you. Our… Read More