Mountaineer Coffee Is Getting A New Home

By Darby Pritz

This journey has been a whirlwind. When I think back on the last 4 years it doesn’t seem possible. Daniel and I were engaged and planning for the future, then BAM. We started working for a friend, got married, he handed the business over to us, we got pregnant, had a baby, started roasting, got pregnant again, got a bigger roaster, had another baby, and strive daily to pursue our dreams. Now, our dream is to relocate the business to downtown Brooksville!

There are many reasons for this move and we’ve spent countless hours, days, months, YEARS, considering where and how to make this happen. It’s finally time and we’re so excited to bring you on board for this awesome opportunity.

Our passion is to source high quality coffees from around the world and craft roast them in small batches right here in Brooksville. We also LOVE to eat, so offering fresh, homemade edibles is something we really enjoy. Moving downtown will allow us to focus our energy on doing those two things as well as we possibly can. The new space will be laid out in a way that is most efficient for roasting and brewing the coffee that fuels our passion, and also allows us to bake fresh bagels and pastries and offer a few other signature dishes like our southwest chicken salad.

cold brew coffee homemade bagel mountaineer

We began Roasting about a year after The Coffee Barn officially opened and from the beginning we knew it needed a brand of its own. Mountaineer Coffee comes from Daniel’s grandpa, Richard Lantz, who owned an antique shop in Downtown Brooksville called Mountaineer Antiques. Pop (Lantz) is from West Virginia and graduated from West Virginia University whose mascot is the Mountaineer! We also share a love of the mountains, so the name instantly clicked and the brand feels natural for us. Mountaineer Coffee is in it’s early years but it already has a rich history, and we love that.

mountaineer coffee
“Mountaineers are always free”

We share a vision of potential for downtown Brooksville with Pop, who pursued his dreams in the Verona House on Main Street in the 80’s. Now, we’re excited to add our story to the heritage of downtown.

Sears house verona mountaineer antiques
A postcard from Mountaineer Antiques!

We’re hoping the new location will provide new opportunities for you to actively join us on our journey. This includes tons of educational material, displaying our roaster, interacting with the roasting process, and partnering with other local businesses because we think Brooksville is awesome!

For updates on the move and a sneak peak every Saturday, follow @mountaineercoffee on Instagram!

Annette Blackwell says

We love hearing your wonderful story. Keep telling it.

Annette Blackwell says

We love hearing your wonderful story. Keep telling it. Good luck with your new location. We are so proud of you! Love, Nana

Lynna Blackwell says

We drove 1350 miles to drink Mountaineer Coffee and eat Daniel’s cheese bagel and faaabbbuulous cinnamon rolls. We highly recommend that you go out of your way to enjoy their fine treats…even before they get moved to their new location. (See Coffee Barn & Bakery, Brooksville, FL. )
Other reasons for visiting..
To see our two beautiful great-grandchildren running around in the business. No extra charge for that!

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