Why small batch roasted coffee is better for all of us

By Darby Pritz

Let’s talk about small batch roasting.

It’s fantastic. It makes a difference. It matters. But the best part? There’s lots of best parts. Not just because as a small batch roaster we’re able to live our dream. You get to be part of our dream. And we like you.

Our roaster is not some automated megatron robot. Your coffee is roasted by Daniel. He roasts using his SENSES. He loves the coffee. He talks to the coffee. He is a little bit out of his mind. Just kidding. But he does spend a lot of alone time with that machine. He tastes his coffee to ensure consistency and quality. Daniel cares. A LOT.

Our trusty U.S. Roaster Corp.
Our trusty U.S. Roaster Corp.

We sample tons of different origins to find our favorites. We only want the best for you! But we also have a price range. Specialty coffee comes at a price. The question is: what are you willing to pay? Our coffee costs more than some large, commercial roasters. But that’s because we pay more to source better beans. However, we have a budget. Some roasters have offerings for around $35 per pound. That coffee is probably dang good. But honestly, it’s a little unrealistic for an everyday brew. Find a roaster that not only offers origins and roast levels that you prefer, but also pricing that works for your budget.

Some roasters even have direct relationships with coffee farmers! We’re not there yet but we have goals, baby.

Mountaineer Coffee

We listen. Actually, I can’t speak for all local, small batch roasters. But generally speaking, we roasters love your feedback! We want to know if our latest offering blew your mind and tickled your taste buds. It makes us feel awesome and is what drives us. But we also want to know what you don’t like. Your feedback lets us know what we need to do to improve. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with delicious, fresh coffee.

And nothing beats fresh-roasted. Large roasters slap expiration dates on their bags that are up to a YEAR after the roast date. Please don’t drink that. Please.

Supporting your local roaster also means you’re supporting your local economy! That means your tax dollars stay in your ‘hood.

Small businesses need your support. Not only can we provide a standard of quality, but you become part of our family’s journey. Best Friends Forever, through coffee. That sounds magical.

Green coffee delivery. What is even happening here?

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