cold brew iced coffee recipe

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee (at Home)

By Darby Pritz

Have you ever made iced coffee at home?

I used to a very long time ago. I’ll spare you the details because it’s shameful and involves returning to a sad little pot of coffee after it was neglected for several hours. Yuck.

However, I’ve discovered the magic of cold brewing and I want to share the recipe with you because I think you’re excellent so you should drink excellent coffee.

The great thing about cold brew is you can make a large batch and keep it in the fridge for up to two weeks. This means having awesome iced coffee every single day if you want.

In addition to being ridiculously easy, cold brewed coffee is very low in acidity but highly caffeinated! The cold brew method subdues the natural acidity of some coffees. This makes for an incredibly smooth iced coffee. But I also recommend using a coffee that is not very acidic to start with, like our Single Origin Brazil.


start with fresh roasted coffee that is ground course. Combine 5 ounces of ground coffee with 3 1/2 cups of cold water in a container. Use filtered water for a better end result.

Place the mixture in your refrigerator and let that sucker brew for 12 hours (It can go longer than 12 hours if you can’t drain it right away. It won’t affect the flavor to leave it a bit longer).


strain the coffee through a paper coffee filter or very fine mesh strainer.

Put it back in the fridge, it’s ready to use! This ratio makes concentrated coffee so when you’re ready to use, dilute by half with either water or milk.


Side note:

You CAN make Decaf cold brew. If you have to drink decaf, I respect you. Most of us only drink coffee BECAUSE it has caffeine. You drink it because it’s coffee. That’s awesome. We offer a Brazilian coffee that is decaffeinated using pure glacier water. It’s about as heavenly as Decaf gets, and you deserve good coffee just like the rest of us. Here’s a link, you beautiful soul.

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